Uragate Tharaka Cultural Festival

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Tharaka Nithi County will be celebrating the 3rd edition of the Uragate Tharaka Cultural Festival from 22nd-25th August, 2018 at Uragate ground near Meru National Park.

The theme of the festival is; Building Resilience to climate change through culture. The event will show case our rich diverse culture, agricultural products, livestock and community art.

This will be expressed through cultural performances and artefacts.

The main objectives of the festival will be:

  • Preserving, promoting and appreciating county cultural diversity.
  • Promote tourism in Meru National Park through Ura-Gate
  • Promote and nurture cohesion and integration within our county and neighbours
  • Market Tharaka Nithi as a great cultural tourism destination endowed in rich culture, beautiful landscapes/ scenarios and Meru National Park easy access route, and to create a niche for our county
  • Exhibit and promote trade for economic growth of the county through sale of Agricultural & Livestock products and artefacts.


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