Transport , Roads & Infrastructure



To be the leading provider of efficient and cost effective infrastructure facilities and services in roads, housing, transport and public works in Kenya


To provide efficient, affordable and reliable infrastructure in roads, housing and public works through construction, modernization, rehabilitation and effective management for sustainable development


The main functions of the department include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Roads
  2. Housing
  3. Public Works
  4. Transport


In the financial year 2017- 2018 the roads department has received funding both from the Kenya Government through the exchequer and grants from the Kenya Roads Board RMFL (Road Maintenance Fuel Levy Fund) amounting to Kshs180,000,000 and Kshs133,683,603 respectively. This amount has been allocated carefully to serve the needs of the citizens as outlined in the departments programs as outlined below;

  • Construction or upgrading to bituminous standards of the county roads

In this FY 2017-18 Ksh180,000,00 has been allocated to the upgrade to bituminous standards of the 7.5km road from Mitheru to Kaanwa. This is the first tarmac road to be done by the County Government and one of the flagship projects This road when complete will ease connectivity between Mitheru, Kaanwa and create a very strategic shortcut for people travelling to the County Headquarters Kathwana without passing through Chuka town. The road is being constructed using probase design system which is a new construction method which is cheaper, easier and faster. This will save the County some money which will be allocated to build more tarmac roads to increase connectivity within the County.


  • Maintenance and Improvement of Earth and Gravel roads

In this FY 2017-2018 Ksh133,683,603 from RMFL from the Kenya Roads Board plus an additional Ksh18,000,000 from the CARA has been allocated for the maintenance and improvement of the earth and gravel roads. Tharaka-Nithi county has a total of 1670km network of roads of which 61km only has been tarmarked leaving a total of 1609 km of roads being either earth or gravel roads. Due to strain of resources few number of critical roads were identified for maintenance and improvement forming a total of 152km upgraded to gravel and 107km graded. These are as follows;

  1. Kibugua-magenka-itugururu road (15km)
  2. Kambandi-Cheera-Nyaga Kairu-Ruguti Junction (8.7km)
  3. Ikuu-Ndiruni-Karima kega-Miigi-Kagaani-Irigu Factory(7.3km)
  4. Kajuki - Makanyanga Kabururu-Kiaritha Road, (20.9 km)
  5. Kangoro -Ikuu- Rubate-Ruguti road(12km)
  6. Kaanwa Weru Kathathani-K'Mate(12.2km)
  7. Kaare-Mikui-Kanthanje-Kajiampau-Kajuki(16.8km)
  8. Mpukoni-Maabi-Kathathani Junction(4km)
  9. Kithituni-Mugwe Primary-Kambandi(3km)
  10. Mukothima-Ka Nziku-Gachiongo Road (8km)
  11. C92Junction/Kabauni/Materi Girls -Mutonga Bridge-Kaare Road (7.3km)
  12. Shauri-Kamacabi-Gaceuni-Kathangacini(30km)
  13. C92 Junction-Gaceera Aka-Kithino(12km)
  14. Gaceuini-Kiamiramba-Makena(18km)
  15. Kiamurukuma-Iruma-Kirimbu-Usueni(14km)
  16. Kasarani-Kanyaga(5km)
  17. Nguruki-Kieni-Kanini-Muragara-Kaare Road, 17.0km
  18. Baragu-Mwiria-Kirumi(6.3km)
  19. Magutuni-Kanini-Kaare(10km)
  20. Marima-Muthiru-Iriga(6km)
  21. Mitheru-Kiine-Giampampo(6km)
  22. Majira-Thigaa-Karima(4km)
  23. Gituntu-Mikuu(3km)


  • Purchase of heavy earth moving equipment to increase county capacity

In this FY the County has acquired a brand new grader which has been deployed to open up and grade all ward roads in all the subcounties. In addition an existing grader has been taken for maintenance to the dealership which will increase the counties capacity to maintain the ward roads.


  • Construction of bridges and drifts to increase connectivity

In this FY the County Government has set aside 18m for construction of new bridges and drifts to increase connectivity in various wards. They are in various stages of construction and once complete they will ease people movement. They include;

  1. Gantamathina Motor Bridge
  2. Muragara Footbridge
  3. Kiroo-Thigaa Footbridge
  4. Naka Drift



The department of public works is responsible for the design and supervision of all the infrastructure projects within the county. In this FY the department has designed and is supervising various development projects in all the dockets of the County Government. Other flagship projects for the department include:

Construction of the New Governors Ofiice in Kathwana which is almost complete. The depatyment has also acquired a 200kVa generator which will serve all the county headquarter offices to avoid disruption of services due to power outage

Eng. Julius Kijiru Giti

Eng. Julius Kijiru Giti

County Executive Member

Eng. Kelvin Karithi Ng'ang'a

Eng. Kelvin Karithi Ng'ang'a

Chief Officer

3 days ago

Tharaka Nithi County Government Official

H.E the First Lady Mrs. Margaret Muthomi and Chuka Igambang'ombe MP Patrick Munene took part in cancer awareness walk today in Chuka to mark the Cancer awareness month.

Cancer prevalence has been on the rise in the country and the world at large and thus our people need to know.

The walk was aimed at calling on residents of the county to regularly go for check ups as a way of curbing the prevalence.

H.E Mrs. Margaret Muthomi has said the disease needs attention from both the National and County Governments in an effort to curb it.

In recent years, it has become one of the country's leading killers.
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1 month ago

Tharaka Nithi County Government Official

Your loved ones suffering from kidney related illnesses can now access proper healthcare at our Chuka Referral Hospital as the Renal Unit is fully equipped.

This will in essence reduce trips to bordering counties to get the vital treatment.

This facility is up and running and there are qualified professionals to assist.

Tell a friend to tell a friend in need that healthcare is closer home.
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The County Government of Tharaka Nithi cordially invites you to our 3rd edition of Uragate Tharaka Cultural Festival and exhibition starting from 22nd to 25th August at the Uragate grounds near Meru National Park. The event will be graced by His Excellency The Deputy President Hon William Ruto. All are welcome......visit our website for more details.
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