The Governor

Brief Profile

Onesmus Muthomi Njuki is a Kenyan politician. He is the second and Incumbent Governor of Tharaka Nithi County in Kenya after been elected on a Jubilee Party of Kenya in the Kenyan general election, 2017.

Before being elected the Governor, he served as the Chuka/Igambang’ombe Member of Parliament from 2013-2017

Political Career

Entry Into Politics 

H.E. Muthomi Njuki was elected to the 11th Parliament on an Alliance Party of Kenya(APK) party Jubilee Coalition in 2013.

He was a Member of Parliament for Chuka Igamba Ng’ombe Constituency in Tharaka Nithi County from 2013 to 2017.

In the National Assembly he was a member of Public Investments Committee and also a member of Departmental Committee on Energy, Communications and Information from March 2013.

Currently, H.E. Muthomi Njuki serves as the Governor of Tharaka Nithi County after winning the 2017 general election on 8th August.

He was later sworn in on the 18th of August 2017.

Achievements as a Member of Parliament

Some of the key achievements include:

  • Tarmacking of Chuka Town and its environs. He championed tarmacking of over 50 km of constituency roads including Chuka-Kiangondu-Ndagani , then Kirubia, Kambandi and Weru. Initially, the constituency had no tarmac, except for the passing highway.
  • Construction of the Chuka/ Igamba ng’ombe constituency executive office block
  • Construction of a modern open-air market that traders can engage and trade
  • Establishment of Muthomi Njuki Foundation which supports the underprivileged in the society to enable them go through the education system
  • Construction of the first national stadium (Kirubia Stadium) in Tharaka Nithi County.

Some of the key achievements in the first year as a Governor include:

  • Construction of the Governor’s executive office block
  • Implementation of various water projects across the county that have facilitated clean water access to the residents
  • Implementation of various roads, upgrade of town roads and construction of bridges to create accessibility
  • Signing of performance contracts with the County Executive Members to ensure efficiency in delivery of services
  •  Signing of Memorandums of Understanding with various institutions such as The University of Nairobi, The Kenya Red Cross, Kenya Rural Electrification Authority, Kenya Literature Bureau just to mention a few to collaborate and partner in various engagements to offer service delivery to the county residents
  • Construction of various institution blocks to aid in improvement of services. They include; ECDE classes, Stadiums, Agriculture Institutions etc
  • Expansion of county referral hospital and modernization of the hospital structure and equipment. The hospital has also automated the information management system to create efficiency
  • Electrification of various markets and villages to ensure we light up the county