Theme: Culture as a catalyst to conservation and restoration of natural resources.

Preservation and conservation of natural resources among the Tharaka Community was traditionally guided by clearly streamlined gender roles in the family structure, and cultural values. Cultural values were enshrined in spirituality and the clan system, which defined the ethical relationships between the Tharaka culture and the environment.

The key challenges towards this in the modern day include gender inequality and the associated stereotypes, the political climate in the country, and modern religions.

The 4th edition of Ura Gate Cultural Festival aims, guided by the theme of this year, observes that Tharaka cultural norms and traditional spirituality versus the modern resource conservation initiatives, represent contrasting approaches to ecological sustainability.


The event wishes to undertake, sensitize and empower campaigns geared towards nature preservation. Conservation and restoration  natural resources can only be successful if we integrate indigenous conservation methods in all modern resource conservation initiatives.

This is attainable if we strive to consolidate what was good in the past to mutually interact with present ideals, if the future is to remain meaningful.


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