Tharaka Nithi County Youth Empowerment Program First Edition

The County Government of Tharaka Nithi wishes to roll out the First Edition of the Tharaka Nithi County Youth Empowerment Program.

The program is targeting organized and registered youth groups all over the County. The County government shall vet proposals from youth groups and after meeting prescribed thresholds, the county government shall buy various equipment for the group to facilitate their projects.

The following are target sectors the County Government wishes to fund:

    1. Agriculture and allied
    2. Food and Beverage Services
    3. Transport and allied
    4. Environment and allied
    5. Building and Construction
    6. Fashion, Beauty, clothing and textile
    7. Events and allied services
    8. Sports talents
    9. Information Technology
    10. Creative arts
    11. Trade services and allied
    12. All other feasible cottage industries

Minimum thresholds for qualification

  1. The group must submit a proposal to the county Government through the respective ward administrator’s office
  2. The proposal shall be written in a manner to be prescribed by the department of Youth Affairs
  3. The group must have a minimum membership of 10 members
  4. At least 70% of the members must be youth of age between 18 years and 35 years
  5. 100% of the leadership of the group must be youth between 18 years and 35 years
  6. The submission of the proposals must be done between 31st August 2020 to 21st September 2020
  7. The project must show capability of providing employment for other youth
  8. The youth group must show verifiable effort to the verifying committee capacity to appropriately use equipment for the purpose intended
  9. The group must also have been registered before 1st of August 2020
Youth Application Form
Youth Empowerment Application Form Download 401 downloads 356.7 KB 29-08-2020 8:15

Additional information

  1. The County Government shall appoint a committee to conduct vetting in conjunction with all relevant stakeholders as per existing guidelines
  2. The County shall also provide relevant training to groups where need be on usage of various equipment
  3. All other queries shall be directed to the County Government department of Youth Affairs, through the official number 1513

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