Solutions to environmental and water crisis our the region

Climate change is real and communities should strive to offer practical solutions to the environmental and water crisis.

Mt. Kenya region had several flowing permanent rivers to Tana River and subsequently to Indian Ocean with or without rains but what we experience today is very few semi-permanent rivers that completely dry up downstream even with the rains.

Employment of abundant measures, Mt. Kenya community is geared towards ensuring we retain water in the form that is useful to us (Liquid form);

Seasons where there’s plenty water can complement scarcity seasons through creation of dams, discouraging exotic trees like eucalyptus along our riparian areas, adoption of Conservation Agriculture, regulations especially on over obstruction upstream, sand harvesting and water use, drop by drop irrigation, self discipline in water use among others.

Joined my colleague Governor H.E Kiraitu Murungi, Morocco Ambassador to Kenya H.E Dr. El Mokhtar Ghambou, WARMA Chairman Hon. Joe Mutambu among other leaders in a stakeholder Water Dialogue Forum geared towards offering practical solutions to environmental and water crisis in the region.

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