Rewarding Top Performers – K.C.P.E 2017


“Today I embarked on my yearly program of rewarding pupils who performed well in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education after having scored 300 marks in public primary school and 350 marks for Academies in the 2017 KCPE.This program is dear to my heart as these children we are rewarding today present a perfect representation of what the future holds.They represent our future Governor, our future doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers and business men.

Through my foundation, Muthomi Njuki Foundation.This program is meant to motivate pupils who took time to work hard and give hope to those behind them.

This year, I have undertaken to present a metal box and shopping for the pupils as they start their high school journey. By the end of this week, we’ll have issued all the metal boxes to outstanding pupils in all the county’s three constituencies.” – H.E. the Governor

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