Notice For Traders


In pursuant of section 27 of Weights and Measures Act Cap 513 laws of Kenya, an inspector of Weights and Measures will be visiting stamping stations at the places and dates indicated here under for the purpose of asizzing and stamping of trader’s Weights, Measures, Weighing and Measuring instruments.

Week 1
St Osola Materi 26/03/2018 Full Day
Gatunga 27/03/2018 Full Day
Gatunga 28/03/2018 Full Day
Marimanti 29/03/2018 Full Day
Week 2
Rungu 9/04/2018 Full Day
Gatithini 10/04/2018 Morning
Makutano 10/04/2018 Afternoon
Mukothima 11/04/2018 Full Day
Mukothima 12/04/2018 Full Day
Kibung’a 13/04/2018 Full Day
Week 3
Nkondi 16/04/2018 Full Day
Miomponi 17/04/2018 Full Day
Kathangacini 18/04/2018 Full Day
Gaciongo 19/04/2018 Full Day
Turima 20/04/2018 Full Day
Week 4
Ndagani Stage 7/05/2018 Full Day
Ndagani Slaughter 8/05/2018 Full Day
Chuka Marigiti 9/05/2018 Full Day
Chuka Kibumbu 10/05/2018 Full Day
Chuka Kaanwa Stage 11/05/2018 Morning


Chuka General 11/05/2018 Afternoon

Week 5

Kieganguru 21/05/2018 Full Day
Mbogori 22/05/2018 Full Day
Magutuni 23/05/2018 Full Day
Iriga 24/05/2018 Full Day
Katharaka 25/05/2018 Full Day
Week 6
Ikuu 28/05/2018 Morning
Rubate 28/05/2018 Afternoon
Itugururu 29/05/2018 Full Day
Kamwimbi 30/05/2018 Morning
Kabururu 30/05/2018 Afternoon
Kiracha 31/05/2018 Full Day
Kibugua 7/06/2018 Full Day


Aggrey Karani

 C.O. Trade Industry and Cooperative Development

County Government of Tharaka- Nithi


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