Jamuhuri Day Celebrations


“As the country marks its 54th year since independence, we as the people of Tharaka Nithi County stand as one and thank those that came before us for their sacrifices. Today, the great people of Tharaka Nithi County can boast of a Government near them, meaning, development has come closer home.

In my speech today, I highlighted key areas my administration will focus on.

– My administration will embark on a project of tarmacking 10km of road every financial year. This will be a key driver of growth is most of our wards.
-Through those I have trusted in stabilising the health sector, we endeavour to invest heavily and make healthcare accessible to all. This is in line with my agenda where I look forward to all people from the County being treated here without worrying where extra money will come from.
– Water is a key driver for growth, my administration has shown willingness to make residents of this great County water sufficient. To this end, my Government will construct dams and sink boreholes as we make milestones towards bringing water closer to our homes.
Women and children have walked for longer distances for far too long in search of water.
-My Government is putting in place mechanisms that would aid our farmers achieve better yields. These mechanisms range from enacting legislation to helping them buy agricultural equipment. This would help them get value for their produce.

My Government is committed to working for you.”
– H.E. the Governor

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