Application For Membership To The County Audit Committee

Pursuant to section 155(5) of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012, Public Finance Management (County Government) Regulations, 2015 section 167 and Audit Committee Guidelines for the County Government, County Government of Tharaka Nithi wishes to establish Tharaka Nithi County Audit Committee comprising five (5) members: a chairperson, 2 members, 2 other members nominated from executive and the head of Internal Audit who shall be the secretary to the Committee.


Notice For Traders

In pursuant of section 27 of Weights and Measures Act Cap 513 laws of Kenya, an inspector of Weights and Measures will be visiting stamping stations at the places and dates indicated here under for the purpose of asizzing and stamping of trader’s Weights, Measures, Weighing and Measuring instruments.


Invitation For Bids

The County Government of Tharaka Nithi invites sealed bids from eligible contractors for the following tenders. Tendering will be evaluated as per the procedures specified in the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2015 and the evaluation criteria contained in the tender documents.


Chogoria Town Facelift

“Chogoria Town, arguably the oldest urban settlement in Tharaka Nithi County, but that lags behind in aesthetics is slated for a major face-lift as the first in a series of upgrading our urban centers. The exercise will begin next month ending in modernization of all major towns in our constituencies in an effort to make them conducive for doing business and attractive to investors.
The urban roads upgrade programme is part of the massive infrastructure development currently underway in our county.

Today I end the week with the launch of three roads in Maara Sub-county. These are Katharaka- Mumbuuni, Baragu- Kirumi and Nguruki- Kaare. The roads are being murummed, widened and drainage fixed through culverts to prevent flooding and washing away. The development will cure several transportation headaches key among these the challenge of roads becoming impassable during the rainy season, accidents due to the narrowness and dust when it is dry like now. The roads upgrade will run in tandem with improving our urban centres. More…

Kulipa Ushuru Ni Kujitegemea

We have today embarked on a journey aimed at improving service delivery to the great people of Tharaka Nithi County through the revenue we collect from you.

Picking from the slogan, ‘KULIPA USHURU NI KUJITEGEMEA,’ my government wants to make sure the taxes you pay work for you.

It is with this in mind that we have launched a digital platform for you to be paying your taxes. More…

Town Cleaning – Saturday 17th February

I invite you the great people of Tharaka Nithi County to join me in cleaning our towns starting this Saturday 17th February in Chuka town from 9 AM and together let us start a new journey of making Tharaka Nithi County clean.
During this exercise, my government will be unveiling new ways of managing waste in all our sub-counties with the aim of turning trash into cash.
Make a date to join me on this day.
Mwalike mwenzako tukutane Chuka town.

Kabaoni-Kithino-Mutonga Road Upgrade

Tharaka South residents will be a happy lot in the coming three months. Locals as well as users of the 7.3 kilometre Kabaoni- Kithino- Mutonga Road that has been a transport nightmare will smile all the way from Kabaoni to Mutonga .after a contractor landed in Tunyai today to upgrade the road.

I flagged off the project and will keep a close eye on the works to ensure completion within the stipulated time of three months.
Come rain or shine travellers have endured untold suffering from dust during the hot season and the frustration of an impassable road when it pours leading to produce not reaching markets on time.

This is just but part of the ongoing road projects the my government is undertaking in different parts of this great County in addition to the national government roadworks.


Ndengu Revolution

Today I held fruitful consultations with the Kenya Red Cross where I met Secretary General Abbas Gullet and his team.
We discussed a raft of possible partnerships touching on the welfare of Tharaka Nithi County residents.
Key among the deliberations was revamping food security through a partnership between Red Cross and Tharaka Nithi County Government on how to extend the Ndengu Revolution to our unit in Tharaka. This is informed by reports our ndengu is the best in the world with massive unexplored potential. Towards this end, an agreement on how the Red Cross will carry out its activities which include provision of start up seeds to our farmers, assist in crop management, branding and marketing will be drafted for ratification on once techinical teams from both parties agree on a clear way forward. This programme, apart from empowering our farmers, could open export avenues to Asia where there is a big ready market for green grams. Gullet recommended that the counties of Tharaka Nithi, Makueni and Kitui, the three that grow the best green grams, collaborate in production to build the capacity to produce sufficient quantities required by the export market. The current harvests are not enough. I committed to bring my colleagues together to discuss this important window. The next planting season could kick off the revolution in Tharaka Nithi if rains will be favourable.
As a county, we will partner with Red Cross to come up with a piece of legislation that will be a guide when it comes to disaster management.

Chuka town market and bus stops – Impromptu Visit

Today, my deputy Eng. Francis Kagwima and I toured the Chuka town market and bus stops on an impromptu visit as we sought to listen to traders grievances and give our government’s plan for the market and others in the County.

Insistence was on service delivery from ourselves and all officers given the mandate to act on behalf of the County Government.

As we interacted with service providers both at the market and bus stop, one thing was clear, some of our revenue officers are either colluding with traders not to pay taxes, not remitting taxes collected in full or are walking with fake receipts which they are using to enrich themselves at the expense of general service delivery by the County Government.

To this end, my Government has suspended collection of yearly taxes from shops within our jurisdiction until we give them a new way of paying their taxes.

*This is to happen by end of this month.*

Further to this, I have directed the Environment ministry to clean the market and its environs within *two WEEKS* which I will personally come to inspect.

This will also give birth to greening of the town where flowers will be planted on pavements. This will also happen from Thuchi to Keria.

The County Government is also keen on building new and better shops at the areas surrounding the bus stop with the aim of giving our customers a better working environment. This will be go hand in hand with upgrading the bus stop to give it a better and improved look.

We will also upgrade the market to add floors and accommodate more traders.

It is important to note, if the County Government collects taxes from our customers, then it is important we improve their working area.

My able deputy, in whose the department of trade falls, has announced stringent measures to take against officers under the County Government keen on defrauding it.

The deputy governor and I are keen on working together to improve the County.

These measures apply to markets and bus stops all over the County.

Groundbreaking Ceremony – Bamboo Processing Factory

“A government’s pride is seeing its people benefit from projects in the County. Today, I was the chief guest at the groundbreaking ceremony for the setting up of a Bamboo processing factory in Ndumbini Maara Su-County. Our people stand to gain immensely from the factory being set up in the County, as it is the first in East Africa. It’ll be serving seven counties directly which are within the Mt.Kenya and Aberdare regions.

The Bamboo factory will be processing flooring and other wood products.

This is a milestone and my government will support this project fully. We will offer technical support by providing roads, educating farmers on how to grow Bamboo and also make sure the seedlings are available to farmers at County Government owned tree nurseries.

The first phase will cost about ksh.250 million. The project is being spearheaded by Green Pot Enterprises in conjunction with development partners. The Kenya Forest Service joined us in the ceremony and promised to work closely with the investors in making sure the process runs smoothly. Also with us during the ceremony were Chuka Igambang’ombe MP Patrick Munene and Maara MP Kareke Mbiuki.

They called on the residents of the County to take advantage of the factory that is expected to open its doors in September this year and plant Bamboo trees for their own financial benefit.” – H.E the Governor

Vacancies – Membership to County and Sub County Liquor Licensing Committee

Pursuant to sector part II section, 4 section 4 (4) – a – l and 9 (1) a – b and 9 (4) a-h of Tharaka Nithi County Alcoholic drinks Control Act, 2015 the County Government of Tharaka Nithi is in the process of establishing the liquor Licensing committee where main objective is to provide for the implementation of the said Act including control of alcohol consumption and distribution, promotion and outdoor advertisement among others responsibilities.  The County Government therefore invites applications from suitably qualified residents of the area of jurisdiction for membership to County Liquor Licensing Committee and also membership to Sub County Liquor Licensing Committee.


 Three Vacancies are available in each Sub county on the following considerations

  • Must be a resident of the county
  • Must be willing to be vetted through a competitive process in accordance with the prescribed rules,
  • one of whom shall be a youth provided that not more than two persons shall be of the same gender 

The minimum qualification of the members

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
  • A professional and able to demonstrate absence of breach of the relevant professional code of conduct.

The member shall serve on part-time basis and shall sit quarterly each year.

The remuneration of the members of the committee shall be by the way of sitting allowance determined by the County Public Service Board in consultation with the Executive Committee member.

A member of the committee shall hold office for a term of three years.


  • Carry out public education on alcoholic drinks control in the county directly and in collaboration with other public or private bodies and institutions;
  • Facilitate citizen participation in matters related to alcoholic drinks control in accordance to framework for citizen participation established under the County Governments Act, the Urban Areas and Cities Act or any other relevant written law;
  • Develop in collaboration with other county and national government departments strategies and plans for implementing this Act and control of alcohol abuse and any other relevant national legislation and coordinate and support their implementation;
  • Advise the CEC member generally on the exercise of his powers and performance of his functions under this Act, and in particular on county policy and laws to be adopted in regard to the production, manufacture, sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks;
  • In collaboration with other relevant county departments, prepare and submit an alcoholic drinks status report bi-annually in the prescribed manner to the CEC member which shall be transmitted to the County Cabinet and the county assembly;
  • Recommend to the CEC member and participate in the formulation of laws and regulations related to alcoholic drinks;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of this Act and advising the executive member on the necessary measures to be adopted;
  • Carry out such other roles necessary for the implementation of the objects and purpose of this Act and perform such other functions as may, from time to time, be assigned by the executive member.
  • Collaborate with ward administrators and village administrators and councils appointed under the County Governments Act, 2012 and the officers in charge of coordination of national government functions in the wards and villages;
  • Collaborate with similar committees in other counties for effective implementation of this Act.


Hand written applications should be addressed to:

The Chief Officer
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Co-operative Development,
P.O. Box 10 – 60406,

and delivered to County Headquarters – Kathwana clearly marked on the top of the envelope – “APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP TO ALCOHOLIC CONTROL COMMITTEE’’


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