Human Development Index

The Human Development Index (HDI) measures human development based on the basic factors of a long and healthy life, the acquisition of knowledge and a reasonable standard of living.

These factors are measured using the following indicators: Life expectancy at birth; adult literacy rate and the combined enrolment ratio at primary, and secondary and tertiary levels; and GDP per capita measured in purchasing power.

Life expectancy for the county is 63.7 years compared to 56.6 years at the national level. The county literacy rate stands at 69.75% and the enrolment rate at 78.1% compared to the national rates at 71.4 and 70.5% respectively.

The HDI for Tharaka Nithi County mean score index is approximately 0.5533 compared with the national index at 0.5608

Human Development Index at National and County Levels

  Life Expectancy (yrs) Adult Literacy (%) School Enrolment (%) GDP (%) HDI (%)
National 56.6 71.4 70.5 0.4447 0.5608
County 63.7 69.75 78.1 0.3882 0.5533
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“My dream is to see our county utilising its vast resources efficiently and diligently, and turning the relatively limited geographical spread of Tharaka Nithi to big advantage”

H.E Muthomi Njuki
Governor, Tharaka Nithi County

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