1. Hon Sheila Mwende Kiganka

CEC Member

Ministry: ICT & Energy

Email: ict@tharakanithi.go.ke

2. Eng. Julius Kijiru Giti

CEC Member

Ministry: Transport, Roads, Infrastructure & Industry

Email: roads@tharakanithi.go.ke

3. Hon. Dorothy Igoki Kinyua

CEC Member

Ministry: Finance & Economic Planning

Email: finance@tharakanithi.go.ke

4. Dr.Gichuyia Nthuraku M’Riara

CEC Member

Ministry: Health Services and Sanitation

Email: health@tharakanithi.go.ke

5. Hon. Abraham Maruta Kirema

CEC Member

Ministry: Education,Youth,Culture,Tourism and Sports

Email: education@tharakanithi.go.ke

6. Hon Jasper Mutegi Nkanya

CEC Member

Ministry: Agriculture,Water,Irrigation,Livestock and Fisheries

Email: agriculture@tharakanithi.go.ke

7. Hon Njue Njagi Kaithungu

CEC Member

Ministry: Lands, Environment, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Urban Development

Email: lands@tharakanithi.go.ke

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“My dream is to see our county utilising its vast resources efficiently and diligently, and turning the relatively limited geographical spread of Tharaka Nithi to big advantage”

H.E Muthomi Njuki
Governor, Tharaka Nithi County

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