Climatic Conditions

Temperatures in the highland areas range between 140C to 300C while those of the lowland area range between 220C to 360C. Tharaka constituency, which lies in the lower side, experiences temperatures of up to 400C at certain periods.

The county has a bi-modal rainfall pattern with the long rains falling during the months of April to June and the short rains in October to December.


The rainfall ranges from 2,200mm in Chogoria forest to 500mm in Tharaka. The high altitude areas experience reliable rainfall while middle areas of the county receive moderate rainfall.

The lower regions receive low, unreliable and poorly distributed rainfall. The climate of the county is favourable for cultivation of tea, coffee, maize, cowpeas, pigeon peas, sorghum, millet, green grams, tobacco and a variety of other food crops.

However, there are unusual climate variability incidences arising from climatic change.