Celebrating The International Mother Language Day

Today, the 21st of February, the world marks the International Mother Language Day. The celebrations were held in Tharaka Nithi County today at Chuka DC Grounds through a collaboration between the National Ministry of Culture and the County Government department of Culture.
The event was Graced by various participants from all parts of Tharaka Nithi to celebrate the main dialects of Tharaka Nithi County. All guests present were served delightful presentations of poems, riddles, stories, music, dance and plays in the dialects of Tharaka Nithi County such as Kichuka, Kitharaka, Kimwimbi and Kimuthambi.
Some of the presenting groups included Ura Gate Cultural dancers from Tharaka, Mitheru Cultural group, Kandondo primary school, Kibumbu Primary school and Upendo Dancers from Chuka.
Various stakeholders present such as the Bible Transaction Society, Njuri Ncheke, Leaders of PWDS, ministry of Education among others, re-iterated the theme of the event this year which is *Fostering multilingualism for inclusion in education and society*
The chief Guest was Dr Susan Nyaga, a scholar and specialist in Linguistics from Tharaka Nithi County, currently working with SIL International as the senior language and education consultant for subsaharan Africa. She was a key consultant in the realization of the Kitharaka Bible with BTL. The society is now working on a Kichuka Bible.
The County Government through CEC in charge of Education, Youth, And Culture, Ms. Sheila Kiganka, has highly encouraged young people to join cultural groups in fostering culture, in the footsteps of Rose Kagendi who is a young artistic choreographer for Ura Gate Cultural dancers, that has grown to the level of opening a YouTube channel for their cultural content. This is in the realization that most of these groups have members that are old, and in time this may translate to loss of our traditions.
The County Government is working on a collaboration with the Ministry of Culture to preserve various elements of the Tharaka Nithi culture through digital means and platforms.
The final climax of the event was marked by awarding of certificates to afew authors who have been writing books in mother languages such as Justus Mugambi, and others in recognition of their contribution towards the promotion, development and preservation of mother languages.
Happy International Mother Language Day.

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