Chogoria Town Facelift

“Chogoria Town, arguably the oldest urban settlement in Tharaka Nithi County, but that lags behind in aesthetics is slated for a major face-lift as the first in a series of upgrading our urban centers. The exercise will begin next month ending in modernization of all major towns in our constituencies in an effort to make them conducive for doing business and attractive to investors.
The urban roads upgrade programme is part of the massive infrastructure development currently underway in our county.

Today I end the week with the launch of three roads in Maara Sub-county. These are Katharaka- Mumbuuni, Baragu- Kirumi and Nguruki- Kaare. The roads are being murummed, widened and drainage fixed through culverts to prevent flooding and washing away. The development will cure several transportation headaches key among these the challenge of roads becoming impassable during the rainy season, accidents due to the narrowness and dust when it is dry like now. The roads upgrade will run in tandem with improving our urban centres.

Our towns as of now are haphazardly established with amorphous structures but we purpose to make sure there is uniformity.

We will tarmac all of them.

Business premises will also get a new look to give our traders better a better working environment. We will ensure the standards we put in place are are maintained and upheld.

Within this spirit of improving our County. I urge all Tharaka Nithi citizens to join me tomorrow in Chuka at the launch of our clean up, waste and garbage management programme.
Welcome to a new-look TNC going forward.” – H.E. the Governor.

Kulipa Ushuru Ni Kujitegemea

We have today embarked on a journey aimed at improving service delivery to the great people of Tharaka Nithi County through the revenue we collect from you.

Picking from the slogan, ‘KULIPA USHURU NI KUJITEGEMEA,’ my government wants to make sure the taxes you pay work for you.

It is with this in mind that we have launched a digital platform for you to be paying your taxes.

We have announced measures aimed at reducing money temptations at the hands of our revenue officers by partnering with Safaricom, to launch PAYBILL numbers where traders will directly pay to our County accounts.

This move has been informed by the fact that there has been a fluctuation of revenue collection thus hampering the monies we get from the National Government.

Case in point, in the 2015/2016 financial year, we collected the highest revenue at KSH. 142 million, the following financial year witnessed a slump in collection to levels of KSH. 79 million.

I have decreed that no permit will be paid in cash from now henceforth and thus, each market will have its own PAYBILL number.

This money will in turn go into developing our great county, which was my promise to you the great residents of our County.

Together we will achieve greater heights.


Kabaoni-Kithino-Mutonga Road Upgrade

Tharaka South residents will be a happy lot in the coming three months. Locals as well as users of the 7.3 kilometre Kabaoni- Kithino- Mutonga Road that has been a transport nightmare will smile all the way from Kabaoni to Mutonga .after a contractor landed in Tunyai today to upgrade the road.

I flagged off the project and will keep a close eye on the works to ensure completion within the stipulated time of three months.
Come rain or shine travellers have endured untold suffering from dust during the hot season and the frustration of an impassable road when it pours leading to produce not reaching markets on time.

This is just but part of the ongoing road projects the my government is undertaking in different parts of this great County in addition to the national government roadworks.


Ndengu Revolution

Today I held fruitful consultations with the Kenya Red Cross where I met Secretary General Abbas Gullet and his team.
We discussed a raft of possible partnerships touching on the welfare of Tharaka Nithi County residents.
Key among the deliberations was revamping food security through a partnership between Red Cross and Tharaka Nithi County Government on how to extend the Ndengu Revolution to our unit in Tharaka. This is informed by reports our ndengu is the best in the world with massive unexplored potential. Towards this end, an agreement on how the Red Cross will carry out its activities which include provision of start up seeds to our farmers, assist in crop management, branding and marketing will be drafted for ratification on once techinical teams from both parties agree on a clear way forward. This programme, apart from empowering our farmers, could open export avenues to Asia where there is a big ready market for green grams. Gullet recommended that the counties of Tharaka Nithi, Makueni and Kitui, the three that grow the best green grams, collaborate in production to build the capacity to produce sufficient quantities required by the export market. The current harvests are not enough. I committed to bring my colleagues together to discuss this important window. The next planting season could kick off the revolution in Tharaka Nithi if rains will be favourable.
As a county, we will partner with Red Cross to come up with a piece of legislation that will be a guide when it comes to disaster management.

Being the first of such an engagement, the Government has pledged to continue discussions with Red Cross to explore interventions aimed at improving the livelihoods of our people.

These include a disaster management and rapid response kitty, setting up of water management and irrigation schemes and exploration of other emerging opportunities.

To this end, my Government has offered land to the Red Cross to build an office in Kathwana to bring its services closer to our people and the greater Mt Kenya region.

Chuka town market and bus stops – Impromptu Visit

Today, my deputy Eng. Francis Kagwima and I toured the Chuka town market and bus stops on an impromptu visit as we sought to listen to traders grievances and give our government’s plan for the market and others in the County.

Insistence was on service delivery from ourselves and all officers given the mandate to act on behalf of the County Government.

As we interacted with service providers both at the market and bus stop, one thing was clear, some of our revenue officers are either colluding with traders not to pay taxes, not remitting taxes collected in full or are walking with fake receipts which they are using to enrich themselves at the expense of general service delivery by the County Government.

To this end, my Government has suspended collection of yearly taxes from shops within our jurisdiction until we give them a new way of paying their taxes.

*This is to happen by end of this month.*

Further to this, I have directed the Environment ministry to clean the market and its environs within *two WEEKS* which I will personally come to inspect.

This will also give birth to greening of the town where flowers will be planted on pavements. This will also happen from Thuchi to Keria.

The County Government is also keen on building new and better shops at the areas surrounding the bus stop with the aim of giving our customers a better working environment. This will be go hand in hand with upgrading the bus stop to give it a better and improved look.

We will also upgrade the market to add floors and accommodate more traders.

It is important to note, if the County Government collects taxes from our customers, then it is important we improve their working area.

My able deputy, in whose the department of trade falls, has announced stringent measures to take against officers under the County Government keen on defrauding it.

The deputy governor and I are keen on working together to improve the County.

These measures apply to markets and bus stops all over the County.

Groundbreaking Ceremony – Bamboo Processing Factory

“A government’s pride is seeing its people benefit from projects in the County. Today, I was the chief guest at the groundbreaking ceremony for the setting up of a Bamboo processing factory in Ndumbini Maara Su-County. Our people stand to gain immensely from the factory being set up in the County, as it is the first in East Africa. It’ll be serving seven counties directly which are within the Mt.Kenya and Aberdare regions.

The Bamboo factory will be processing flooring and other wood products.

This is a milestone and my government will support this project fully. We will offer technical support by providing roads, educating farmers on how to grow Bamboo and also make sure the seedlings are available to farmers at County Government owned tree nurseries.

The first phase will cost about ksh.250 million. The project is being spearheaded by Green Pot Enterprises in conjunction with development partners. The Kenya Forest Service joined us in the ceremony and promised to work closely with the investors in making sure the process runs smoothly. Also with us during the ceremony were Chuka Igambang’ombe MP Patrick Munene and Maara MP Kareke Mbiuki.

They called on the residents of the County to take advantage of the factory that is expected to open its doors in September this year and plant Bamboo trees for their own financial benefit.” – H.E the Governor

Rewarding Top Performers – K.C.P.E 2017

“Today I embarked on my yearly program of rewarding pupils who performed well in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education after having scored 300 marks in public primary school and 350 marks for Academies in the 2017 KCPE.This program is dear to my heart as these children we are rewarding today present a perfect representation of what the future holds.They represent our future Governor, our future doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers and business men.

Through my foundation, Muthomi Njuki Foundation.This program is meant to motivate pupils who took time to work hard and give hope to those behind them.

This year, I have undertaken to present a metal box and shopping for the pupils as they start their high school journey. By the end of this week, we’ll have issued all the metal boxes to outstanding pupils in all the county’s three constituencies.” – H.E. the Governor

TNC Campaign against Anthrax

The County Government of Tharaka Nithi has embarked on an emergency campaign against anthrax, foot and mouth disease; and rabies. This follows recent livestock disease surveillance that has confirmed an outbreak of anthrax, rabies, lump, skin disease and foot and mouth disease around Karamani and Kirege sub locations in Mugwe and Magumoni wards respectively. Reports have indicated that 15 cattle and 14 sheep have been confirmed dead due to anthrax in the last two months. At least six cases of foot and mouth disease were diagnosed in Kanoro village of Kirege sub location in the past week.

The county veterinary department has closely taken action not limited to imposing of quarantine to ensure that further spread is contained.

We have made arrangements to ensure that we acquire required vaccines to deal with the emergency. We have subsized rates:

From 100sh to 50sh for cattle
From 50sh to 20sh for goats
From 70sh to 30 for cats dogs and donkeys.

This is a a focus towards ensuring that Mwananchi is cushioned against loses and that our livestock market niche grows to meets international standards as we move towards exploring and improving our diverse livestock value chain opportunities.
This campaign is aimed at stopping the spread of the disease and cushion our farmers from losses that may be as a result of the diseases.

Lvestock farmers are advised to pay keen attention and immediately report any abnormal behaviour to veterinary officers. At the same time the public is cautioned against consuming uninspected meat especially during the festive season when due to the surging demand people could eat unchecked beef and other animal products. Ensure your cut is stamped as fit for human consumption.

Below is a list of vaccination centers date and time.

CHUKA DIVISION 22/12/17 Nthima crush
Kambandi Chief Office
Kibingo crush
Daitho crush
Kathathani dip
Kalaani crush
CHUKA DIVISION 27/12/17 - 9:00Am Nthima Crush 1 & 2
Nyaga Kairu
Weru dip
CHUKA DIVISION 28/12/17- 9:00Am Kithituni Crush/Kabutini
Mugwe crush
Kirubia dip
Iruku crush
Gitwaka crush
Kirege dip
Iruma crush
CHUKA DIVISION 3/1/2018 - 9:00Am Miraa Miraja Crush
Mbwiru dip
CHUKA DIVISION 4/1/18 - 9:00Am Nkio crush
Karengi crush
Mariani crush
Kangutu dip
Iriani pry school
Kathigiririni crush
Rukindu crush
CHUKA DIVISION 5/1/18 - 9:00Am Muraga dip
Njaina dip
Jotham Mwamba
Mungoni dip
Ntuntuni dip
Maxwell Crush
Gachima dip
Jerusha dip
Kibumbu crush
MAGUMONI DIVISION 8/1/18 - 9:00Am Kirigi dip
Karurumo crush
Ndiruni crush
Miigi crush
Mwonge dip
MAGUMONI DIVISION 9/1/18 - 9:00am Kagaani crush
Gacuuri crush
Rubate dip
Kiambui crush
Nkwego crush
Kaaria crush
MAGUMONI DIVISION 10/1/18 - 9:00Am Mukui Crush
Kithunguri crush
Thuita dip
Mutuguni crush
Mukuuni crush/Gankobore
Kathitu crush
MAGUMONI DIVISION 11/1/18 - 9:00Am Mucatha
Mwembe Tayari
Mukuuni dip
Kigogo dip
MAGUMONI DIVISION 12 /1/18 - 9:00am Njuki crush Kirichu crush/Barnafas
Kibiga crush
Gitogoto crush
IGAMBANG'OMBE DIVISION 15/1/18 - 9:00Am Kangu 1&2crush
Kamwimbi crush
IGAMBANG'OMBE DIVISION 16/1/18 - 9:00Am Kamutiria
Kajuki dip
Kandigi dip
IGAMBANG'OMBE DIVISION 17/1/18 - 9:00Am Murigi crush
Kinoro crush
Ntooro crush
Kiugu crush
Mutino dip
Kanthanje crush

Jamuhuri Day Celebrations

“As the country marks its 54th year since independence, we as the people of Tharaka Nithi County stand as one and thank those that came before us for their sacrifices. Today, the great people of Tharaka Nithi County can boast of a Government near them, meaning, development has come closer home.

In my speech today, I highlighted key areas my administration will focus on.

– My administration will embark on a project of tarmacking 10km of road every financial year. This will be a key driver of growth is most of our wards.
-Through those I have trusted in stabilising the health sector, we endeavour to invest heavily and make healthcare accessible to all. This is in line with my agenda where I look forward to all people from the County being treated here without worrying where extra money will come from.
– Water is a key driver for growth, my administration has shown willingness to make residents of this great County water sufficient. To this end, my Government will construct dams and sink boreholes as we make milestones towards bringing water closer to our homes.
Women and children have walked for longer distances for far too long in search of water.
-My Government is putting in place mechanisms that would aid our farmers achieve better yields. These mechanisms range from enacting legislation to helping them buy agricultural equipment. This would help them get value for their produce.

My Government is committed to working for you.”
– H.E. the Governor

Water Commissioning in Kathwana

“A gig for water. It was song and dance at Tharaka Nithi County headquarters Kathwana as leaders led by Governor Muthomi Njuki, legislators Kareke Mbiuki of Maara, his Chuka Igambang’ombe and Tharaka counterparts Patrick Munene and GG Murugaara respectively joined me as I commissioned Kathwana Water. I turned on a tap signifying arrival of the vital commodity for the first time in the County Headquarters town that has remained dry since it was established.” – H.E the Governor

New County Chief Officers Sworn In

County Chief Officers appointed by H.E. Governor Onesmus Muthomi were today sworn in. They were approved by the county assembly.

Those sworn in are:

Faith Kalunda Kyunga – Land, Physical Planning and Urban Development

Zephania Rwanda Mbaka – Finance and Economic Planning

Frida Muthoni Murungi – Environment and Natural Reources

Peter Kimathi Njeru – Livestock and Fisheries

Betsy Muthoni Njagi – Energy and Information Communication Technology

Aggrey Karani Riungu – Trade, Industry and Cooperative Development

Diego Ngugi Wilson – Youth, Culture, Tourism and Sports

Kelvin Karithi Ng’ang’a – Transport, Roads, Housing and Infrastructure

Gatiiria Mutiga Njagi – Education and Vocational Training

Everlyne Kaari Njue – Agriculture

David Njue Gichoni – Water and Irrigation

Amedeo Kinegeni Nyaga – Administration and Public Service

“The County Government executive presided over the swearing in of Chief Officers.I urged the newly appointed team to work for the benefit of the county with the key goal of ensuring residents are served to their satisfaction.12 Chief Officers were sworn in.” – H.E the Governor


Mobile Apps Development for Sustainable Development

The Kenya National Commission for UNESCO (KNATCOM) will host a Training Worshop on Mobile Apps Development for Sustainable Development in Late November or Early December 2017. * The objectives of the proposed initiative is to promote access of information and ICT innovations through the use of mobile apps in sustainable development by training *University Students studying Information Technology / Computer Sciences. The aim of the workshop is to train and guide the participants in mobile apps Development process and to develop mobile apps for sustainable development in the following 5 UNESCO thematic areas: Education, Natural Science, Social and Human Science, Culture and Communucation & Information.
Above is a flier with more details on the training workshop.

For all enquires send an email to or call the Communications and Information Programme on 254-20-2229053/4