Bursary Award to Needy Students

In pursuit of equality through education, the very needy pupils will be assisted to completion of their secondary through our county bursary scheme.

This year bursary program entailed a rigorous exercise synergized between leaders at the ward level, community representatives, our three NG-CDF offices, various stakeholders as well as bursary committees across the county and the Board.

The beneficiaries include students in day and boarding secondary schools, university and colleges.

We are committed to increase the kitty from Kshs 20M this FY to Kshs 50M FY 2020/21, which would also see more needy students benefit.

I presided over the kick off of this year’s bursary awarding ceremony in Tharaka Constituency at Marimanti and
Rwatha primary school grounds.

The exercise moves to Maara on Thursday at Kieganguru Primary in Mwimbi at 10:00 am and Kajiunduthi School grounds at 2:00 pm and on Friday to Chuka Igambang’ombe on Friday 10:00 am at Kajuki Primary in Igambang’ombe and at Chuka Township at 2:00pm respectively.

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