Arrival of County Fire Engines


A trip we made to the United Kingdom early this year has borne fruits with the arrival of one of the fire engines donated by the people of Bedfordshire.

I report our people’s appreciation for this move that now moves us a step ahead.

The fire engine, one of its kind, will be stationed in Chogoria, Maara sub county as we wait for another one which we’ve been told is on its way and will be stationed at County Headquarters.


A promise of ambulances was also made and we’ve expressed our gratitude.

The fire engine received today at the Chuka bus stage has come with volunteer trainers for our fire fighters.

The fire engine is also equipped with medical accessories that will be helpful not only to fight fires but manage disasters too.

We thank the community of Bedfordshire for this and such other partnerships agreed

On behalf of the people of Tharaka Nithi, Asante Sana.





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