Agriculture, Water, Irrigation, Livestock & Fisheries

Agriculture Sector 

The County Sector of Agriculture comprises of Crop Production, Livestock Development; Veterinary Services & Fisheries Development.

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Efficiency and Responsiveness
  • Partnerships
  • Gender Equity

Agriculture Sector Vision and Mission

  • Vision: to attain sustainable food security and incomes for the people of Tharaka Nithi County.
  • Mission: provision of high quality, innovative and commercial agricultural services.


Agriculture Sector Goals

  1. To increase crop production and productivity by providing high quality, innovative and competitive crop and crops related services for food and nutrition security and increase in household incomes.
  2. To support transformation of livestock production from subsistence into commercially oriented enterprises for sustainable food and nutrition security in the county.
  3. To safeguard animal health and welfare, increase animal production and productivity and promote trade in animals and animal products for sustainable food security, food safety and economic prosperity.
  4. Increased and sustainable fish production for subsistence and commercial utilization.




Agriculture Sector Development Needs, Priorities and Strategies

Development needprioritiesStrategies
Quality of farm inputsCereal, horticulture, livestock, fisheriesSubsidy, input quality surveillance, capacity building
Post harvest lossesMilk, Fish, cereals and legumesConstruction of community grain stores, milk coolants, cold room for fish
Market accessLivestock, milk, fish, horticulture, sorghum, green gramsContract farming, value adding, holdings grounds, market yards, processing and factory
Production and productivityMajor crop, livestock and fishery enterprisesHigh quality seed, breeds and fingerlings, demonstrations and capacity building
Technology and innovationLand preparation, horticulture, value adding, extension services and mechanizationMechanization, ICT and green house



  1. Feasibility study on coffee revitalization, banana value chain improvement and Traditional High Value Crops
  2. Supported farmers with farm inputs in March-April-May 2018 season [30 tons of cereals and pulses seed; 3,922 (25kg) bags of fertilizer, 2,390 (50kg) bags of agricultural lime and 1,000 litres of agro-chemical]

On going

  1. Development of an Agricultural Training Centre at Itugururu
  2. Construction of Mukothima Grain Store
  3. Rehabilitation of 9 tea buying centers
Eng. Jasper Mutegi Nkanya

Eng. Jasper Mutegi Nkanya

County Executive Member

Mrs. Evelyn Kaari Njue

Mrs. Evelyn Kaari Njue

Chief Officer - Agriculture

Dr. J.M Nkoroi

Dr. J.M Nkoroi

Chief Officer - Livestock & Fisheries

Mr. David N. Gichoni

Mr. David N. Gichoni

Chief Officer - Water & Irrigation