Ensuring all county citizens are connected

A new dawn for Kamanyaki residents in Tharaka constituency has been realized and the area is now connected to the rest of the world through network connectivity.

We have provided solar kits to boost lighting and meeting charging of mobile phone needs in a location that has zero electricity connectivity to the national grid compared to other locations in the county.

The activation of a GSM booster increases demand for affordable and easily accessible energy and the kits are a stop gap measure before rolling out power grid in this region in the near future.

Another booster will be installed at Kamanyaki primary school to increase network reach, and this translates to provision of electricity and access roads for the area.

With improved communication, security and social economic factors have been enhanced.


In addition, my government has committed to cater for the water needs of the school by providing piped water and we shall improve the school infrastructure by leveling the field and upgrading the road leading to the school to gravel standards.

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