Graduation of ECDE Teachers (over 500)

Our children will be in safe hands as they go to school with the graduation of over 500 ECDE teachers who were trained in collaboration with the Kenya Literature Bureau.

Today’s event marked at Kathwana goes a long way into imparting the necessary skills our teachers need to pass on knowledge to the young ones whose future will be in their hands.
The teachers we have commissioned today must be alive to the fact that their contracts will be renewed on the basis of performance.
We must make sure the young ones in our county are learn and understand what is being fed to them.

The teachers core duty will always be to make sure our children learn and if teachers will attend to other matters other than those prescribed, the government will have no other option other than to terminate their contracts.
Starting this January, pupils and students from needy families will start benefiting from bursaries issued by our Government.

The Kshs 45 million kitty will give the needy child equal education opportunity with the rich in our county.

To the trained teachers, pongezi!