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The County borders the counties of Embu to the South and South West, Meru to the North and North East, Kitui to the East and South East while sharing Mount Kenya with Kirinyaga and Nyeri to the West.

The county lies between latitude 000 07’ and 000 26’ South and between longitudes 370 19’ and 370 46’ East. The total area of the County is 2,662.1 Km2; including 360Km2 of Mt Kenya forest in the county.

The County is divided into five (5) administrative sub-counties namely Tharaka North, Tharaka South, Chuka, Igambango’mbe and Maara. There are three constituencies in the County namely; Tharaka, Chuka/Igambang’ombe and Maara.

The county had a total population of 393,170 as per the 2019 population and housing census. This is projected to be 399,090 in 2021 (196,681 Males and 202,408 Females), and 402,084 by 2022 (198,157 Males and 203,927 Females). The county’s annual population growth rate is 0.75%..









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