Vision & Mission

The Ministry is headed by County Executive Committee Member, Hon. Jane Kithinji and Chief Officer Samuel Kibaara.


To be a leading County in the Management of Land Resources, ICT Empowerment and Energy Sufficiency.


Utilize Land, ICT, and Energy Resources to Improve the Livelihoods of the People in the County.

1. Physical Planning
• Physical planning at the county level
• Prepare and maintain plans of property boundaries in support of land registration
• Execution of all cadastral surveys
• Examination, approval and authentication of all cadastral surveys
• Sale of maps and plans
• Thematic mapping
• Provision of base maps
• Provision of geospatial information products
• Basic calibration and maintenance, and
• Preliminary quality control and assurance of geographical data generated by other organizations among others

2. Land : Partly Devolved
• Land registration
• Land and property valuation
• Survey

3. ENERGY: Partly Devolved
• Electricity, gas reticulation, and energy regulation
• Collection of crucial data related to energy projects
• Licensing of energy plants of less than 3kw
• Renewable energy policy and energy audits among others

4. ICT
• Implementation and management of county specific ICT projects
• Implementation and dissemination of research and innovation findings related to ICT
• Provide end user training on ICT; Guide in the development and implementation of county related e-government programmes among others

1. Energy
– Mapping of all wards and designs done. All pockets of areas without electricity are identified and given to REA and KPLC LTD. Primary schools REA electrification is ongoing.
Mapping/designs done, vouchers raised awaiting release of money.
– Kathwana – 3 transformers installed
– Kiamuchumbi- Kithituni electrification projects going on. Donation from KPLC
– Gaketha/Kaunju Rural Electrification project which consists of 3 transformers connecting various villages, schools is ongoing – Funded sourced from the GVR’s kitty.
– Chuka flood light mast functioning.
– Stima Mashinani- Feasibility study done
– Solar lanterns procured and delivered awaiting distribution.
– Updating of the website with the assistance from Plan International

2. Adjudication

The following adjudication sections have been done.
Chiakariga A- Tittles (ready In Nairobi)
Chiakariga B- Ongoing with checking of registers
Kamarandi B, Kauyuru, Irunduni and Kamanyaki- Tittles already in Chuka awaiting issuing.
Kamugubi A, lower East Magutuni and Makanyanga being finalized and setting disputes so that they are forwarded to the titling centre
Kamwathu 1,200 parcels are drawn (G.P.S)
Kajuki / Kamutiria- One dispute left.
Lower Kandungu, Mariani, Ntunene, Marembo, kiathiga- Finalized.

County Land Management Board sworn in on 13/1/2015.

3. Survey

The following has been done:
– 75 building plans approved, 24 change of users facilitated, beaconing and locating re-pegging of various plats and market stalls.
– Opening of access roads
• Tunyai – Tharaka Road- 18 km
• Kagima – Kambas Road
• Acess at upper Karimba area
• Kauni to Thuci Road – 2km
• Mutuamikua to Iruri Road- 15km
• Kajiambaa to Kanthanje Road- 7km
• Karwire Mukungungu Road- 1km
• Salvation Army to Mukungungu Road – 1km
• Kaanwa Road – 1.2km
• Ndiruni Road- 1.2km
• Hussen to Kaanawa
• Kanthata Springs Road.
• Opened encroachment of Gaketha Primary School
• Mwagara Market Roads
– Ground visit and marking of buildings on road reserves
• Building on road reserves in Mitheru Market is done
• Roads marked for widening in these markets- Chogoria, Igeanjau, Magumoni, Karingani and Mungoni.
– Sub-division of lands for public purposes done.
• Muraga Technical
• Mwimbi Magutuni/607
• Issuing of title deeds to schools is ongoing in consultation with C.L.M.B
– Kathwana goat yard identified and fenced. Allocation of 5M not utilized because it has not been released. More can be done if money was available.
– All public lands around Kathwana identified

4. Physical planning

5M was for Physical Plan of Kathwana Market
– 2 stakeholder meetings done
– Ground trothing done.
– Survey and beaconing of existing roads done.

Kathwana Land 001- Survey and planning is done. Local Development Committee have been met and reports taken to C/L/M/B/ for advice. The following offices are immediately needed:
– County Assembly
– High Court
– Red Cross
– Audit
– Ministerial Offices

5. I.C.T
– I.CT equipment (software, hardware, computers procured and given out
– Additional computers bought.
– Repair of intercom in G.V.R’s OFFICE AT Kathwana.
– County website done but is still below average – needs to be improved.
– Expansion of LAN at the County Headquarter
– IFMIS system in consultation with National treasury
– Servicing of computers
– ICT Roads map meeting with Consultants done at Kathwana. This is in preparation for World Bank ICT funding.
ICT land- Advertisement done and valuation done – This will continue to the next financial year.