Tharaka Nithi County Finance and Economic Planning Department derives its mandate from the Constitution of Kenya, which provides for proper budgetary and expenditure management of government financial resources. In addition, Parliament, over the years has enacted 49 Acts to which the Ministry of Finance is a custodian thereby adding more responsibilities to the Department.


  • Formulating financial and economic policies.
  • Developing and maintaining sound fiscal policies that facilitate socio – economic development.
  • Regulating the financial sector which is central to the development of Tharaka Nithi County and on which all other sectors depend for investment resources.
  • Management of revenues, expenditures and borrowing by the county government
  • Developing sound fiscal policies that ensure sustainable budget deficits.
  • Ensuring that government expenditure is within the revenue collected to reduce domestic borrowing
  • Providing direction in the identification, planning and management of donor support
  • Coordinating government ministries/departments in the preparation of the annual national budget.
  • Initiating and guiding all ministries/departments to prepare their ministerial budgets.
  • Providing Accounting, Auditing, IT, Insurance, Pensions, Procurement, Clearing and Forwarding services, and Divestiture services among others to other government ministries/departments.