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Tharaka Nithi County First Lady H.E Lucy Ragwa, received an award for being the best in the fight on Advanced Family Planning (AFP) and fight against infant mortality at an international event held at Nairobi County.
This event was organized by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Bill and Belinda institute of Population and Reproductive Health in partnership with other health institutions around the globe.
After emerging the best in implementing advanced family planning and fighting against infant mortality, the First Lady was ranked first among all the 47 counties present at the event.
This program focuses on inspiring and sensitizing the community on the importance of family planning to ensure successful results in the fight against infant mortality.
H.E Lucy Ragwa has implemented this new method through lobbying for increase in allocation of funds for family planning and improving policies for family planning to ensure that all the women in Tharaka Nithi are adequately informed on the new and improved methods of contraception.
The First Lady also launched a five year strategic plan on the same which will see the department of health go a longer way to sensitize the society not only on new family planning methods, but also on ways to fight stunting growth, infant mortality and malnutrition, which are among the challenges faced by the residents of Tharaka Nithi.
Speaking at the event, H.E Lucy said that she was sure that the program would help a lot of women in Tharaka Nithi and especially the poor families who sometimes were not able to easily access such services.
“It is good when a man and his wife sit down to plan their family and know the number of children they want, more so how to take care and grow the family,” she added.
She said that some families had many children yet the income was less forcing them to live on a hand to mouth basis and this caused many of their children dropping out of school, others not attending school at all.
She was accompanied by the Chief Officer in charge of health Mr. Walter Mugambi in the international event attended by county representatives and other partners from all around the globe including all the 47 counties.
H.E Lucy is fully committed to champion this program through the help of health practitioners, nurses and social workers to improve the state of the county through educating women and the society at large on the importance of family planning, the fight against stunting, infant mortality and malnutrition.


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